10/50 Vegitation Clearing

ON 1 AUGUST 2014, new laws known as the “10/50 Vegetation Clearing Legislation” were introduced to allow trees to be cleared in designated areas within New South Wales.

The Rural Fires Amendment (Vegetation Clearing) Act 2014 (NSW) amends the Rural Fires Act 1987 (NSW) to permit the owner of land in a 10/50 vegetation clearing entitlement area to:

  • Without approval, clear trees on the property within 10 metres of a home.
  • With approval, clear underlying vegetation (such as shrubs, but not trees) on the property within 50 metres of a home.

The NSW Fire Service has an online tool to work out whether or not a property is in a 10/50 Vegetation Clearing Entitlement Area.

The Rural Fire Service has produced a Code of Practice.


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