NSW Recorded Crime Statistics 2013

ON 10 APRIL 2014, the NSW Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research released the NSW Recorded Crime Statistics 2013.

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  • Most major categories fell or remained stable in the 24 months to December 2013.
  • Significant downward trends were shown in seven of the major offences, including robbery without a weapon (down 11.2%), break and enter dwelling (down 13.3%), break and enter non-dwelling (down 10.5%), motor vehicle theft (down 12.9%), steal from motor vehicle (down 5.0%), steal from person (down 11.8%) and malicious damage to property (down 8.1%).
  • Increases were recorded with respect fraud (up 13.2 per cent) and indecent assault, act of indecency and other sexual offences (up 7.8%).
  • Non-domestic assaults were stable.

Greater Sydney

  • ndecent assault, act of indecency and other sexual offences increased in the Inner West (up 41.6%), the Outer South West (up 9.0%) and the South West (up 11.5%).
  • Stealing from a retail store increased more than 20% in the Northern Beaches, Outer West & Blue Mountains and Ryde.
  • Break and enter dwelling increased 23.7% in Sutherland but fell in Blacktown (down 25.8%), the Central Coast (down 23.1%), the City and Inner South (down 9.4%), the Eastern Suburbs (down 28.2%), the Inner West (down 17.7%), North Sydney and Hornsby (down 30.8%) and the Northern Beaches (down 21.3%).

Outside Greater Sydney

  • Fraud increased in Central West (up 32.8%), Coffs Harbour-Grafton (up 41.5%), Richmond-Tweed (up 18.6%) and the Southern Highlands and Shoalhaven (up 58.3%).
  • Most areas experienced either stable or falling trends.
  • Break and enter non-dwelling and motor vehicle theft were particularly fell in 9 out of 13 statistical areas.

Other changes

  • Assault police increased (up 18.1%, from 2,234 offences in 2012 to 2,639 offences in 2013).
  • Drug offences increased, including possession/use of cocaine (up 16.9%), possession/use of amphetamines (up 5.7%) and dealing/trafficking in cannabis (up 8.4%).
  • Other increases included prohibited and regulated weapons offences (up 15.2%), breach bail (up 6.0%), other offences against justice procedures (up 17.9%) and transport regulatory offences (up 20.3%).
  • Shooting incidents were highly variable but did not exhibit any upward or downward trend in the period.

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